The Walter Benjamin Library

A new stage

On February 16, 2023, the Walter Benjamin Library, located in the south wing of the Walter Benjamin House building, was inaugurated. It is the first step towards the rehabilitation of the Walter Benjamin House. This was made possible thanks to a contribution of €60,000 from the Ministry of Culture, €40,000 from the Diputación de Girona and €30,000 from the Ajuntament de Portbou.  This has allowed to provisionally accomodate the libraries inherited by the Foundation: the Gian-Luigi Ponzano and Philippe Yvernel libraries, complemented by new acquisitions every year by the Foundation and exchanges with other entities and institutions, and it also incorporates books that the City Council had in the public library.

Walter Benjamin Library 

Photography: Angelus Novus Foundation.

The library will incorporate the books that the City Council had into the Portbou public library

The Walter Benjamin Library currently has 6,000 volumes and is being catalogued by the BEG (Specialized Libraries of the Generalitat) and the CCUC (Collective Catalog of the Universities of Catalonia), through an agreement signed between the City Council of Portbou, the Diputación de Girona and the Angelus Novus Foundation.


Archives. They includes the archive of the letters of Mr. Ponzano with Lisa Fittko and specialists on Walter Benjamin.


Functions. Search and research, residences, scholarships, books presentation and lectures, R+D+i on contemporary thought, seminars, Summer School Walter Benjamin, work room, reading space.

The Gian-Luigi Ponzano Library.  Gian-Luigi Ponzano was an Italian engineer and humanist and his library is specialized in Spanish Civil War and the history of the Russian Revolution, Walter Benjamin and the School of Frankfurt, German and French literature and art, as well as the history of the Jewish world. The archives also contain correspondence with Portbou and Lisa Fittko and an extensive press collection about Benjamin and Portbou.


The Philippe Yvernel Library.  Philippe Yvernel was a French translator of Walter Benjamin's work. His Library is specialized in Walter Benjamin, Frankfurt School, Bertolt Brecht and alternative theater, aesthetic philosophy and literature in the European context of the 19th and 20th centuries. It also includes a bibliography on Dani Karavan, author of the Memorial Passages / To Walter Benjamin, Portbou.


La biblioteca s'actualitza amb les adquisicions anuals de la Fundació "Angelus Novus" i els intercanvis amb altres entitats i institucions. També inclou una bibliografia sobre Dani Karavan, autor dels Memorial Passages / A Walter Benjamin, Portbou.

Visits. Since its opening it has been visited by groups of students from the High School of Institutes of Catalonia, Fine Arts schools from Paris, the Official School of Languages in Figueres and other cultural interest groups present in the activities. From February to August 2023 856 people have visited it.


03/17/2023. Official School of Languages (EOI), Figueres.

03/30/2023. Can Roca Institute, Terrassa.

05/18/2023. Sobrequés Institute, Girona.

05/19/2023. Sobrequés Institute, Girona.

Walter Benjamin Library 

Photography: Angelus Novus Foundation.

Address and contact:

WALTER BENJAMIN LIBRARY. Avenida de Barcelona, 11, E-17497 Portbou.

Library hours. Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5 to 7 p.m. and agreed times.

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