Walter Benjamin Portbou Summer School


22-24/09/23: VIII edition. History and memory Exile and Resistance.

Speakers: Cari Oriol Serres, Jordi Palou-Loverdos, Carmen Alda Elorza, Sara Barroso, Maria Gelpí, Amalia Rodríguez Monroy and Maria Mailat.

Advance of the opera in the Liceo Benjamin in Portnbou, by the composer Antoni Ros Marbà. Exhibition Flucht, with photographs by Espe Pons; screening of the film Die Wasser des Bug (The Bug’s Waters) by Marc Sagnol, about Paul Celan's experience of the genocide. Book presentations: Paul Celan and Walter Benjamin, poems translated by Antoni Pous, with prologue by Maria Maïlat. Poem "Portbou - German?", by Paul Celan, translated for the first time into Catalan by Arnau Ferré Samon, and Las sin sombrero [Women without hat], by Tania Balló, artists and writers of the generation of the 27th, with the presence of the author, and Walter Benjamin & la tempesta del progress `Walter Benjamin & the storm of progress, by Agnès Sinai.


23-25/09/22: VII edition. Justice and abyss Time of exiles, dedicated to the 82nd. Anniversary of the death of Walter Benjamin and on the 80th anniversary of the death of Stefan Zweig.

Speakers: Cari Oriol, Manel Forcano, Marta Simó, Isaak Levy,Vicent Ordoñez, Maria Mailat, Mercedes Monmany. Exhibition The forest of “La Massane” and Walter Benjamin, with photographs by Josep Maria Casacuberta and José Casanova.

Presentation of Mercedes Monmany's book Sin tiempo para el adios [No time for say goodby]. Screening of the film High Maintenance, by Barak Heymann, documentary about Dani Karavan. Performance-concert in Tina Modotti, by the duo Catherine Estrade and Vincent Commaret.


24-26/21: VI edition. Europeanism and borders.

Speakers: Cari Oriol, Núria Quevedo, Frederic Corderas, Anna Dot, Claudia Kálasz, Josep Tubau, Maria Maïlat and André Rouillé.

Flute and guitar concert by Sofía Martínez Villar and Ekaterina Záyteseva. Presentation of the Walter Benjamin House project, restoration of building of the old Portbou Town Hall by the architects Jordi Pigem de Palol and Joan Falgueras. Collaboration with the Fotolimo Festival. Presentation of Lisa Fittko's book, La meva travessia dels Pirineus [Escape through the Pyrenees], by the poet Carles Duarte.


25-27/09/21: V edition. The border of memory.

Speakers: Carme Alda Elorza, Marta Simón, Jean-Yves and Michèle Troel, Claudia Kálasz, Maria Mailat and Christian Gattinoni.

Insula photography exhibition, by the Aladeriva collective. Collaboration with the Festival Fotlimo. Musical performance Lost in Berlin, by Catherine Estrade and Vincent Commaret. Rosa Brugat’s performance at the Customs Hall of the station. Presentation by the poet Carles Duarte of Walter Benjamin´s book: Art i literatura de masses [Art and literature of the masses], first translation of Benjamin's texts in Catalan by Antoni Pous.


27-29/09/19: The wild frontier.

Speakers: Cari Oriol Serres, Carme Alda Elorza, Jean Calens, Fernando Hernández Sánchez, Anne Roche, Madeleine Claus, Maria Mailat, Manolo Laguillo

Presentation of the Walter Benjamin-Bertolt Brecht book. Encuentro in Portbou, by Maria Mailat. Exhibition Desired Landscapes, by the group of residents of the creation factory of La Escocesa, curated by Enric Puig Punyet. Performance Living threads, by Yael Karavan. Presentation of the photography workshop held in Portbou by Julio Barón and presentation of the Gian-Luigi Ponzano donation of books for the Walter Benjamin Library.